Last Kings – Sky Janga Single

Last Kings is a song written and produced by Sky Janga of Janga World Productions. The song itself preaches inner strength, battling obstacles and taking control of ones destiny in order to get to the throne that you belong on. As far as the covers concept goes embracing the Egyptian culture of pharaohs and gods seemed fitting. With a clouded scenery and images of the pyramids displayed in the background, the cover depicts the hands of gods reach out to protect the “Last King”. To make an impact, I wanted the details to stand out: the clouds, the details in the golden statue, the crevices of the hands and the slight depiction of the background. The cover needed to be as meaningful as it is eye catching. Working with Janga World to create this design was a great experience and is the result a collaborative effort.

Sky Janga’s single “Last Kings” is now available on all outlets for purchase. You can purchase or stream the song by clicking the links below.

Last Kings – Single by Sky Janga