Red Rum

Just recently a photo concept that I put together titled “Red Rum” was selected to be featured in an art show. Unfortunately I missed the show due to the flu but I’m still thankful for the honor. After learning photography and testing out my skills for about half a year, this concept came to me. I used a glass skull shaped bottle, water, red food coloring and two black boards in the composition. In order to bring the shot to life the equipment I had was my starter camera, Canon Rebel T5, and a LED light. The shot was taken in Shutter Priority mode (a setting that I’m getting more and more familiar with on the photography journey) so that I was able to capture the light the way I imagined. Post processing was done in Lightroom for basic editing and then Photoshop for a more intense edit. I enjoyed the entire process and was pleased with the end product and because of my efforts it landed me my first spot in a art show.